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playing outside April 27, 2011

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Calvin is getting better at riding his bike. It is still too big for him, but he manages by sitting at close to the handle bars as he can.

This afternoon we headed outside to play.  The weather was beautiful  – not too hot and it wasn’t raining. 
Calvin and Wesley were playing so nicely together I had to take some pictures of them.


Making Quilts for Dean’s Siblings

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Last fall I decided to make bed size quilts for Dean’s siblings instead of baby quilts when they have a baby.  They will probably only receive one or two big quilts this way, but I think that they probably already have plenty of baby quilts/blankets.  I finished the first quilt over the weekend.  It is made from flannel and will fit a full size bed.  Dean’s parents are on their way to Missouri.  They will deliver it to Dean’s sister, Tina and her family.  They had their 8th child either on Oct 31st or Nov 1st.  I never can remember.


Easter eggs and baskets April 25, 2011

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What a joy filled weekend.  Sharing Christ’s love and sacrifice with our children.   Meditating on what God has done for all mankind.  Being challenged to share the love of Christ with others, so that they may also be saved.

We also spent a good bit of the last few days at egg hunts or recieving Easter baskets.

Calvin enjoyed these activities, while Wesley was oblivious to them.


starting tomato plants April 20, 2011

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This year I started my tomato plants in February.  I also started some other things, but nothing grows as good as  tomatoes.  So many of the starters did well that I have been giving them away.  I still have three more people to give them to.

My peas continue to grow taller outside, so that keeps me happy for the moment.  I love checking out what is growing in my garden. Broccoli and lettuce were planted outside a few days ago- before the rain started.  It’s hard for me to wait at this time of year for the rain to stop, the ground to dry and for the planting to begin. Hopefully it can dry out enough that I can plant this weekend.  We’ll see 🙂


finally i have some dresses finished! April 18, 2011

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I’ve been working on the dresses for several weeks now, but I just finished 5 on Saturday.  I have many more cut out and some partially sewn.  By the time Karen leaves for Africa I will have (hopefully) finished 30 dresses.


baby quilts and turtles April 12, 2011

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These are the first projects that I am giving to my friend Diane to take with her to craft shows.

26.5" x 38.5" $45.00

The quilt posted above is sold!

Scrappy Baby Quilt

23" x 27" $35.00

Turtle Pincushions/ Toys 7" x 4" $8.00/ each


spring has started! April 11, 2011

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Our flowers started to come up quite a while ago, but they just bloomed over the weekend.  Now we need some sunny days so they will turn upwards.

Our peas have started to peek their heads out of the ground.  I so excited to be able to eat fresh peas.  Calvin loves helping me pick, shell and eat peas!