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Orphans, Orphanages and Adoption April 5, 2011

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These things have been on my mind often lately.  Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to adopt children.  Now I have a friend starting a diaper company, Little Bee Co. Cloth Diapers.  Part of this company’s mission is to help orphans.  That really spurred me back on the trail of looking into adoption.  Another friend is heading to Africa in July and I am helping her make dresses and shorts to take with her. This is part of Little Dresses for Africa.  She mentioned that she will be visiting an orphanage with children from 0 – 18 months.  I couldn’t stop thinking about them and that there has to be something else that I can do to impact these children’s lives.  So I decided to make dolls for the girls and animals for the boys.

So now I am thinking of all those orphans all over the world.  I’m wondering how many we could raise… 1, 2, 5, 20!  Of course, I think 20 may be too many, but I also wonder if they would just be in an orphanage anyway life with us would have to be better than that.  So I’ve started thinking about how to start raising funds.  We probably won’t start the adoption process for at least 3 years, but if I could start to slowly raise funds now they could add up and maybe be a little chunk of the big chunk of money we need.  I’ve decided that any money we cut back (no more tv, etc.) will go into a savings account specifically for our adoption.  If anyone has any ideas on ways to cut back or on fundraising ideas I am more than willing to listen.  I’m wondering where God will take us in this adventure.


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  1. I found out that there are about 30 children at the orphanage in Tanzania (0-18 months old)- probably about evenly split between girls and boys, plus, girls would also like animals so erring on the side of too many animals would be best. Also, I was told that there are always lots of children in the hospital being treated for malaria so I could give them out there, too, if there are extra.

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