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baby quilts and turtles April 12, 2011

Filed under: baby quilts,items for sale — janelmartin @ 2:14 pm

These are the first projects that I am giving to my friend Diane to take with her to craft shows.

26.5" x 38.5" $45.00

The quilt posted above is sold!

Scrappy Baby Quilt

23" x 27" $35.00

Turtle Pincushions/ Toys 7" x 4" $8.00/ each


3 Responses to “baby quilts and turtles”

  1. oh my gosh- the turtles are soooo cute!!! And the quilt is beautiful!

  2. Can I buy a turtle??

    • janelmartin Says:

      Definitely! One of them is sold, but I need to find out which one. The woman who sells stuff for me at craft shows hasn’t gotten back to me. Which one do you like?

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