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First Drive In Movie June 28, 2011

Filed under: kids — janelmartin @ 1:12 am

We took Calvin to see Cars 2 on Sunday night at the drive in.  We are lucky to only live about 10 minutes from a drive in. I much prefer the drive in to the normal theater.  Calvin had a great time playing and running around before the movie.  When the movie started we all crawled into the back of the van and enjoyed the movie!


2 Responses to “First Drive In Movie”

  1. April barnes Says:

    We love the drive in too!!

  2. kbohan Says:

    Boy, I remember when we took our kids to the drive-in when they were much younger. It sure was fun! They probably weren’t as young as yours are now. Seeing your pictures makes me what to go again soon. Maybe when I get back from Africa…. Karen

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