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Kisses and Raspberries June 29, 2011

Filed under: gardening — janelmartin @ 9:47 pm

When I was changing Wesley’s diaper for naptime today I gave him some kisses and raspberries on his neck and face.  He enjoyed it so much that he grabed me for a hug.  The hug made sure that I stayed close to him and would continue giving her more love in this obvious way.  He giggled and giggled.

This small event in my day reminded me of what a blessing children are.  I wish more people would view their children in this manor, instead of as a burden.

While we are speaking of raspberries, Calvin, Wesley and I went to my friend’s house today to pick some raspberries.  Here is what I made with what we picked:

a raspberry strawberry pie

6 pints of raspberry jam and 2 quarts of frozen berries


One Response to “Kisses and Raspberries”

  1. kbohan Says:

    What a great post and thoughts! And now I’m really in the mood for raspberries. We’ve had all kinds of fruit in Africa but berries was not one of them. Karen

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