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Dolls and Dresses June 8, 2011

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Sorry if you were trying to view this post and you saw nothing.  When I published it all the pictures disappeared.  So let’s try again. Here are 5 dolls that I finished.  It’s a far cry from the 30 that I wanted to have made.  I will work on them between now and the next trip Karen takes to Africa.  I also finished 6 more dresses.


Bathroom Step Stool June 4, 2011

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He loved climbing inside.

Pretending to go to sleep.

Classic family pose. My mom, my cousins and I all have pictures taken with our heads propped on our hands.

I wanted to buy Calvin a step stool for the bathroom so that he can wash his hands by himself.  This way he would be totally self sufficient in the bathroom. I found this one at a yard sale.  He thought that it was pretty cool.  I moved it into the living room so he could play on it.


Bright Table Runner June 1, 2011

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I had some extra blocks over from a baby quilt that I made, so I made a table runner to sell.  It would be perfect for a half wall or for a child’s table.

6.5" x 20" $15.00