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Garden Update Part 2 July 29, 2011

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If you saw my earlier post you were probably thinking that I have a really pathetic garden.  I kept having trouble getting my pictures to not disappear from my post.  So here are the rest of the pictures:

tomatoes and gourds growing up the trellis

gourds, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers

we planted late corn, so I'm hoping we get a meal or two from it

brocolli, green beans and lettuce

our butterfly bush (in the background) and lettuce and celery at the bottom of the picture

our compost bin surrounded by gourds

Calvin in his sandbox.


Garden Update

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2 cherry tomato plants and a gourd share this trellis. in the background are different kinds of lettuce and black beans

I recently realized that a friend of mine has a garden.  I was pleasantly surprised by what she had planted.  She asked me what I planted and asked for pictures.  I’ve been meaning to post my garden pictures for quite some time, but somehow I never get around to it.  I took fresh pictures this morning.  Some things in our garden are finished for the year and some have just begun.  I need to plant some more green beans and lettuce.  I am also hoping to plant one more cabbage. Between the rain and too hot days I have also let way too many weeds grow in our garden.  Maybe I’ll get to it this weekend 🙂


All Aboard! July 27, 2011

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One of Calvin’s current favorite sayings:  “All aboard!  Chugga, chugga, chugga…” We took the boys on a train ride at the Iron Heritage Festival.  I decided we would take the train to Bloomsburg rather than to Northumberland.  I thought there would be more cars and animals to see if we headed toward Bloomsburg.    A friend of mine and her two kids went along with us.

It took Calvin longer than usual to climb up the stairs. He was interested in looking at every part of the train.


My mom came down to see us off and take some pictures. Wesley is pointing in this picture, just like Daddy does.


The whole family.




















Calvin saying "Choo Choo!"


Blueberries Everywhere July 25, 2011

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I decided to get another 20 lb. box of blueberries because my husband said they were his favorite berry.  Dean loves berries in general and for him to actually have a favorite of something is a pretty big deal. So on Saturday the blueberry madness began.  I canned 5 Qts. of blueberry pie filling and have another 3 cups in the fridge to turn into a pie.  I froze 4 Qts of blueberries Sat and Sunday.  Last night I made Blueberry Crumble.  This morning we had blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

There are still plenty of blueberries left.  I want to make blueberry syrup for ice cream.  Dean’s mom made this once when he was growing up and he still remembers it.  He said the key ingredient to the recipe was cinnamon. I’m hoping the recipe I find turns out somewhat like his moms 🙂 I’ll probably freeze most of what is left.  It seems like most recipes call for fresh or frozen blueberries.  Oh- I forgot to mention that all three of the boys in this house consumed quarts of blueberries before they were put into any recipe.  This is the easiest way to use up blueberries!


Let the Canning Begin July 12, 2011

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On Saturday my friend Aimee and I headed to Rohrbach’s Farm Market.  We were planning on picking raspberries.  When we got there we asked someone where we go to pick raspberries.  She told us that it would be better if we came back on Monday because there weren’t many berries.  I’m glad that we decided to go look at the raspberry patch.  There were plenty of berries!

the raspberries left after canning and making bars

Raspberry Peach Bars

I also bought a 20 lb. box of blueberries.  I didn’t realize how many berries were in a 20 lb. box.  It’s a lot!!  When I got home I started making raspberry pie filling and blueberry pie filling.  The blueberry pie filling went so much better this year than last.  I had a better plan of attack.  I still made a mess, but it was a more organized process.  Hopefully once we have our countertops it will go even smoother.

Sometimes I forget that I can’t possibly do everything that I need to do.  The afternoon before I went berry picking I drove past a vegetable stand at someone’s house and stopped to look at their green beans.  I could buy a bushel for $9.  That is cheaper than anywhere else I can find them.  SO on top of all the berries I also had green beans to can.  Not only did I get a great price, but I also got way more green beans than are normally in a bushel.  So our shelves are starting to fill up 🙂


First Adoption Fundraiser- Laundry Detergent July 5, 2011

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I’m so excited to be starting our adoption fundraising.  Although I’ve been working on the dolls to sell for weeks now, I still haven’t managed to finish any.  I am hoping to spend many hours working on them in the next two weeks, so I will have plenty of them to help raise funds. For now we’ll start with the laundry detergent.

melting the soap

I make the laundry detergent with a bar of soap, borax and arm & hammer super washing soap.  It is put in reused laundry detergent bottles.  The donation price is $2.50 a bottle.  If you bring me a laundry detergent bottle (for me to use with a future batch) the donation price is $2.25 a bottle.  Please leave a comment here, on fb or e-mail me at if you would like to purchase some laundry detergent.

filled bottles