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Tomato Soup September 17, 2011

Filed under: canning — janelmartin @ 5:10 pm

Tomato soup is an easy and tasty thing for lunches or dinners, especially on cold winter nights.  We like to have plenty of canned soup in our basement. (We LOVE soup!)  Last year I didn’t get around to making any tomato soup.  I was probably sick of canning by the time I got around to it.  So this year I made two batches and I am hoping to make another one.  Here are the simple steps to make it:

Remove the stem and core and half/quarter the tomatoes. Place in a pot. Cook until they are soft. Run them through the food strainer. Now you have tomato juice.


Melt a lot of butter in a big pot. add onions, flour and some other ingredients.


Add 6-7 Quarts tomato juice to the pot. Stir until it boils. Then I can it. When you are ready to eat it you mix it with baking soda and milk. Yum yum!


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