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In Case You Haven’t Heard…. November 23, 2011

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We are expecting our 3rd baby in the middle of May.  The first trimester has gone extremely fast.  I have been feeling pretty good.   It’s nice that Calvin is old enough to already understand what is going on.  He went to the ultrasound with us.  When my turn was done he wanted a turn.  I asked him if there was a baby in his belly.  He said that there was no baby, just food.

Now, to answer some of the questions we are being asked most frequently:

Where you planning on getting pregnant?  Yes and no.  We weren’t planning on being pregnant quite so soon, but we were definitely planning on having more children.  One of the main reasons for waiting was that we don’t have an abundance of space in our house.  Which brings us to the next question:

Where are you going to put the baby (to sleep)?  Calvin will transition to the twin bed that is already in his room sometime in the next month.  Late spring/ early summer Wesley will transition to sleeping in the crib in Calvin’s room.  The baby will sleep in our room for the first three months or so.  Then s/he will move upstairs to Wesley’s current bedroom.