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Canning in 2012 January 11, 2013

Filed under: canning — janelmartin @ 9:46 pm

Since 2012 is over I thought I would post everything that I got around to canning this past year.  Most of the soups are canned during the winter and the vegetables and fruit are canned when they are in season.  Here’s my list:

Green Beans- 10 quarts

Beet Pickles- 4 pints

Peaches- 12 quarts

Peach Honey- 3 jelly jars

Diced Tomatoes- 15 pints

Pepper Jelly- 5 jelly jars

Salsa #1- 10 pints

Salsa #2- 7 pints

Peach Butter- 3 pints

Peach Pie Filling- 6 quarts, 1 pint

Green Beans- 8 quarts

Spaghetti Sauce- 6 pints

Corn Slaw- 11 pints

Ketchup- 4 pints, 12 jelly jars

Pears- 4 quarts, 19 pints

Yellow Salsa- 6 pints

Ro-Tel- 2 pints

Grape Juice- 6 quarts

Whole Tomatoes- 1 quart, 4 pints

Applesauce- 50 quarts

Cheeseburger Soup-  4 quarts

Vegetable Beef Soup- 13 quarts

Strawberry Pie Filling- 3 quarts, 1 pint

Raspberry Pie Filling- 4 quarts

Sloppy Joes- 5 pints

Blueberry Pie Filling- 5 quarts

Blueberry Syrup- 4 pints

Pickle Sticks- 6 pints

I’m sorry they are not in any logical order.  This is the order they were written onto my Canning Inventory.  I used this Pantry Inventory  to keep track of everything.  I was amazed that I got this much done this summer, especially with a newborn.  I’ve already canned some in 2013, so my list may be longer for this year!  Dean will have to rearrange his tools in the basement so I have more room for jars.


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