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23 meals for $50 December 3, 2013

Filed under: canning — janelmartin @ 3:27 pm

The title of this post could be a little deceiving if you didn’t read my previous post. My goal for this month is for us to only spend $50 on groceries this month. Most of our food will be coming from our freezers and our hundreds of jars of canned items in the basement.

I decided that I should get myself organized if I only want to spend $50, so I came up with 21 meals. On Sundays we often share meals with family and friends and every Monday we go to Dean’s parents, so we don’t need a full 30 meals. Here is what I came up with- in no order as to how we will eat them.

1. Fried hot dogs, potatoes and onions
2,3. Homemade Pizza
4. Pasta with garlic basil sauce
5. Kale sausage soup
6. Potato, cabbage and sausage casserole
7. Hotdogs, hamburgers and French fries
8. Roast with veggies
9. Whole chicken
10. Bacon, chicken, cream cheese peppers
11. Tomato soup
12. Vegetable soup
13. Chicken noodle soup
14. Pasta with Italian sauce
15. Tacos, rice
16. Cheeseburger soup
17. Chicken pot pie
18. Fish
19. Chicken nuggets
20. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes
21. Meatball sandwiches

We could actually have some of these meals several times because they are based on what I have canned in the basement. And I’m sure that as my freezers get a little bit less full I will find other things we can eat. I wonder what I will find. What do you have in the bottom of your freezer?


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