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First Drive In Movie June 28, 2011

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We took Calvin to see Cars 2 on Sunday night at the drive in.  We are lucky to only live about 10 minutes from a drive in. I much prefer the drive in to the normal theater.  Calvin had a great time playing and running around before the movie.  When the movie started we all crawled into the back of the van and enjoyed the movie!


Lake Tobias June 15, 2011

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I had to hold on very tightly to Wesley, so he wouldn't propel himself out of the bus.

Yesterday my mom had off work, so we packed up the boys and headed to Lake Tobias.  We took Calvin when he was about the same age as Wesley is now.  Both boys had a good time!

This is Calvin peering over the edge of the bus. He wanted to feed the animals, but he didn't want his hand anywhere near the animals mouth.


Playground and New Haircuts June 8, 2011

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We spent the morning at the Lewisburg playground with some of Calvin’s friends.  Calvin even made a new friend- a little boy with a bag of cars.  Our playtime was shorter than usual because of the hot temperatures (90F.) 

In the afternoon I decided to give Calvin a new haircut.  I have been cutting his hair for well over a year, but I wanted to give him something shorter for these hot summer days.  I think it turned out pretty well for a first attempt.


Bathroom Step Stool June 4, 2011

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He loved climbing inside.

Pretending to go to sleep.

Classic family pose. My mom, my cousins and I all have pictures taken with our heads propped on our hands.

I wanted to buy Calvin a step stool for the bathroom so that he can wash his hands by himself.  This way he would be totally self sufficient in the bathroom. I found this one at a yard sale.  He thought that it was pretty cool.  I moved it into the living room so he could play on it.


Capes May 2, 2011

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I have a client who wants me to make capes for her son’s birthday party in June.  I bought the fabric a week ago, but before I started on making her order I made one for Calvin.  This way I could see exactly how I wanted to make the birthday party ones.  As an added bonus Calvin is about the same size as my client’s daughter, so I’ll have a starting point as to what size to make her.


playing outside April 27, 2011

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Calvin is getting better at riding his bike. It is still too big for him, but he manages by sitting at close to the handle bars as he can.

This afternoon we headed outside to play.  The weather was beautiful  – not too hot and it wasn’t raining. 
Calvin and Wesley were playing so nicely together I had to take some pictures of them.