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Things I Realized on Vacation August 25, 2011

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1. Our decision to homeschool was reinforced.  My children will not be made fun of because they are short, fat, have glasses, have a disability, etc.  They will instead be taught that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by the Creator.

2. Dean was gone for 3 1/2 days and I missed him terribly.  I need to treasure our time together.  My support also needs to grow for women who don’t see their husbands everyday.

3. I need to take the time to play with my kids more often.  Wesley woke me up at 4am one morning and didn’t go back to sleep 😦 At first I wasn’t very happy about this situation.  Then I realized that I was enjoying my early morning hours playing with Wesley and watching him play.  It was amazing to see how his mind works while playing with a truck, shape blocks, a golf ball and pens.


Kitchen Remodel June 9, 2011

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For those of you who don’t know we are redoing our kitchen.  Dean started the project sometime last summer or fall.  When he is taking online classes he has very limited time to work on the kitchen.  Now that it is summer he can spend more time getting it done.  Last weekend he moved some of the cabinets to add a dishwasher.  One of his customers was getting rid of one, so we took it 🙂  He had to screw the cabinets to the wall so he emptied out the big, tall cabinet that holds tons of stuff.  When I was putting stuff back in Calvin thought that it would be fun to play on the bottom shelf.


Easter eggs and baskets April 25, 2011

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What a joy filled weekend.  Sharing Christ’s love and sacrifice with our children.   Meditating on what God has done for all mankind.  Being challenged to share the love of Christ with others, so that they may also be saved.

We also spent a good bit of the last few days at egg hunts or recieving Easter baskets.

Calvin enjoyed these activities, while Wesley was oblivious to them.


Orphans, Orphanages and Adoption April 5, 2011

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These things have been on my mind often lately.  Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to adopt children.  Now I have a friend starting a diaper company, Little Bee Co. Cloth Diapers.  Part of this company’s mission is to help orphans.  That really spurred me back on the trail of looking into adoption.  Another friend is heading to Africa in July and I am helping her make dresses and shorts to take with her. This is part of Little Dresses for Africa.  She mentioned that she will be visiting an orphanage with children from 0 – 18 months.  I couldn’t stop thinking about them and that there has to be something else that I can do to impact these children’s lives.  So I decided to make dolls for the girls and animals for the boys.

So now I am thinking of all those orphans all over the world.  I’m wondering how many we could raise… 1, 2, 5, 20!  Of course, I think 20 may be too many, but I also wonder if they would just be in an orphanage anyway life with us would have to be better than that.  So I’ve started thinking about how to start raising funds.  We probably won’t start the adoption process for at least 3 years, but if I could start to slowly raise funds now they could add up and maybe be a little chunk of the big chunk of money we need.  I’ve decided that any money we cut back (no more tv, etc.) will go into a savings account specifically for our adoption.  If anyone has any ideas on ways to cut back or on fundraising ideas I am more than willing to listen.  I’m wondering where God will take us in this adventure.