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Snowy Day January 26, 2012

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Snow is not my favorite weather condition but when it happens on a Saturday I am happy to see the white flakes falling from the sky.  The whole family can go outside.


Dean can do most of the shoveling, which makes both of us happier about it.  Calvin can help shovel.

Dean can stay outside longer with Calvin who likes to play in the snow.  Wesley and I go outside briefly because we would both rather be inside looking at the snow through a window.  When we come inside we can get out of wet snowy clothes for dry warm clothes, snuggle up under blankets and drink hot chocolate.

Dean dug two tunnels for Calvin to crawl through.

Last Saturday was a wonderful day spent with family and snow!


Projects for Christmas December 27, 2011

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The past month and a half has been filled with MANY projects.  Unfortunately, most of these projects were for clients and not for my family and friends.  The good part is that our adoption fund has more than $1,000 in it.  It’s a drop in a bucket compared to all that we will need, but it’s a wonderful start!

Here are most of the projects I made.  I also made a paw print/dog bone cape.  My favorite project was a crib size quilt that I made out of a little girl’s baby clothes.  I forgot to take any pictures of it, so hopefully the client will send me some.

A quilt for an American Girl doll bed.

a close up of the applique

a baby quilt

appliqued day of the week towels

matching dishclothes

A memory quilt I made from a dad's shirts. I made two of these quilts for her sisters. For the client and her mom I am going to make pillows.


Calvin’s Train Birthday Party

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Calvin’s party took place over a month ago, but I haven’t found the time until now to write about it.  He had a Thomas the Train party.  He loves Thomas and all his friends. We have books, movies and trains to testify to his love of this subject.  And now we have even more!  Wesley is also starting to be very interested in trains, so it works out well.

Wesley and Calvin dressed up in their engineer outfits. I made all the kids hats.

Calvin was so excited about his cake! I tried to make it look like the Island of Sodor. This fact was lost on almost everyone, since no one knew much about Thomas.

For weeks after his party he kept talking about the day his friends came over the day he had a party.  It’s good to know that he enjoyed the day!


In Case You Haven’t Heard…. November 23, 2011

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We are expecting our 3rd baby in the middle of May.  The first trimester has gone extremely fast.  I have been feeling pretty good.   It’s nice that Calvin is old enough to already understand what is going on.  He went to the ultrasound with us.  When my turn was done he wanted a turn.  I asked him if there was a baby in his belly.  He said that there was no baby, just food.

Now, to answer some of the questions we are being asked most frequently:

Where you planning on getting pregnant?  Yes and no.  We weren’t planning on being pregnant quite so soon, but we were definitely planning on having more children.  One of the main reasons for waiting was that we don’t have an abundance of space in our house.  Which brings us to the next question:

Where are you going to put the baby (to sleep)?  Calvin will transition to the twin bed that is already in his room sometime in the next month.  Late spring/ early summer Wesley will transition to sleeping in the crib in Calvin’s room.  The baby will sleep in our room for the first three months or so.  Then s/he will move upstairs to Wesley’s current bedroom.


Tomato Soup September 17, 2011

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Tomato soup is an easy and tasty thing for lunches or dinners, especially on cold winter nights.  We like to have plenty of canned soup in our basement. (We LOVE soup!)  Last year I didn’t get around to making any tomato soup.  I was probably sick of canning by the time I got around to it.  So this year I made two batches and I am hoping to make another one.  Here are the simple steps to make it:

Remove the stem and core and half/quarter the tomatoes. Place in a pot. Cook until they are soft. Run them through the food strainer. Now you have tomato juice.


Melt a lot of butter in a big pot. add onions, flour and some other ingredients.


Add 6-7 Quarts tomato juice to the pot. Stir until it boils. Then I can it. When you are ready to eat it you mix it with baking soda and milk. Yum yum!


Rice Krispie Treats September 16, 2011

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Calvin had a great time making rice krispies with the leftover marshmallows from his brother’s birthday party.  We ate them in less than 24 hours!  I think we should make this  easy dessert/ snack more often.

Calvin helping stir the marshmallows.

Pretending the spoon is a digger picking up marshmallows and dumping them.


What do you do with too much ice? September 15, 2011

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Well make ice cream, of course.  We had bags of ice in our freezers because I had been saving up ice for Wesley’s birthday party.  Since there was a chance of a storm on his birthday we kept the drinks inside and didn’t need all the ice.

My cousin, Bunni suggested that we make ice cream.  What a great idea!  She loaned us her ice cream maker and we made a batch of vanilla ice cream.  It is so delicious 🙂 We were planning on making mint chocolate chip today, but the rain isn’t letting up outside and we like to make our ice cream outside.  We’ll see what it’s like by the time Daddy gets home!